My aunt and uncle moved to Pensacola, Florida a few years ago. Her mom lived there and her health was declining. They moved there so they could help care for her and to avoid her going to a nursing home. Instead of getting an apartment or buying a home, they moved in with her so they could give her the care she needed. Shortly after they moved in, she passed away. They continued living there because she left them the house. I hadn’t seen them for a few years, but kept in contact with them on Facebook and on the phone.

A few weeks before Thanksgiving, they invited us to come to Pensacola, Florida for dinner. They said they wanted the whole family to come and have dinner there. I talked to my sisters and brother and they wanted to go have Thanksgiving dinner there. We made arrangements to ride together to save on our costs. None of us had ever visited Pensacola, Florida before, so we decided that riding together was the best option.

The trip wasn’t really that long and we asked why we hadn’t drove here to visit them before. We were all so busy in our lives that we just never really had the chance. We were able to easily find our aunt and uncle’s home using the GPS on our phone. It was in a nice location and the home was really nice. It was decorated for Fall and it looked really great. I couldn’t wait to see them because it had been so long.

My aunt and uncle greeted us at the door and they hadn’t aged at all. They were so happy to see us and we were so happy to see them too. They said that dinner would be ready in a few hours and they also said we could stay the night there too instead of driving again. We all agreed this sounded great.

We visited and talked about everything that was going on back home and they told us how everything was going for them. I am so glad we got to catch up. Dinner was done and we all ate then hung out there for the night. We were all so glad to be together and told them that we would definitely make another road trip soon and come visit them again sometime.